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Sumit: More than a collection of parts

The most inspirational technology executive, business leader and multi-faceted personality, Sumit is a much sought after keynote speaker, ideas catalyst and conceptual thinker. Bloomsbury India best-selling author, an Internet entrepreneur, and business executive/CXO across several global companies, Sumit brings a wealth of knowledge to weave together and hold an audience for hours together. 

It is very difficult to define who he is singularly and therefore it becomes too difficult to choose a particular type of Website. This site has been created to tell a story that slowly builds up the portfolio his ideas, skills, achievements and failures that makes up the different parts of his personality. He is the collection of all these parts and hopefully the story is coherent at the end. As he says "If the story is not coherent yet, then it is not the end yet".

He is a Business Executive. But this site is not to talk about his curricular achievements. You can look that up on LinkedIn, & that is fairly detailed. In short, Sumit has been a CXO with KPMG / BearingPoint in US and Australia, CIO of Reliance Communications, VP of IBM, President of Reliance Jio and finally the Founder and CEO of Gaia Smart Cities. He was also a CTO or Brookfield Properties. He is a graduate of IIT Kanpur with a MS and Ph.D. from Carnegie Mellon University. He is now the CTO of Wadhwani Foundation's Institute of Technology and Policy

He is a Best-selling Author of the book "Rules of the Game" that was published by Bloomsbury India in 2014 and became a bestseller in the first six months itself. He toured the country and did more than 60 events across 50 cities to spread the message. It continues to retail on Amazon in both print and digital form. His journey as an author has been chronicled in the BLOG posts and the details of the book is on the dedicated page on the book. He also contributed one short-story to a book titled "Chicken Soup for the IITian's Soul" - where different IITians have penned their stories from their days at IIT.  

Sumit is also a trained Abstract artist, having developed his own style and this can be seen by clicking the Commism tab above. He has exhibited his artwork in several exhibitions in San Francisco. 

Many know him as a consummate musician, playing several different instruments his favourite being the Piano Accordion. He trained as a vocal Music exponent in the Tagore style of Bengal and later developed a keen understanding of Indian classical and western music. According to him, music has given his the ability to make friends across the world. 

He has also sent 10 years as a long-distance sportsperson. While he continues to be active, this is now done more to keep healthy and explore the world at the same time. In sports, marathon running, road cycling, and swimming have been the main game. 

And his latest passion and side-gig business created during the 2020 lockdown was starting an award-winning Home Bakery with his daughter, Aishani, called Dough & Batter in Mumbai. He continues to pursue this passion and hobby to create and sell a global variety of breads, cakes and cupcakes - bringing Art, Food, Travel and Business together.  

- innovation speaker - motivational speaker - consultant - entertainer - entrepreneurs

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Personal Life and Images

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